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24PCS Butterfly Mantle High-Quality Gas Lamps, Outdoor Gas Mantle Lamp,Coat The Lights Outdoors, Light Oil Camp 500-600cp

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Origin: CN(Origin)
Body Material: ABS
Style: Contemporary
Features: Durable, light for a long time, high brightness
Length: 10cm
Weight: 60g
Model Number: Butterfly Mantle
Item Type: Lampshades
Warranty: 1 year
Color: Red
Name: Butterfly Mantle
Packing: Normal Packing
Shipment: Free shipping
Place of origin: China
Use: Easy to operating
Quantity: 24*Butterfly Mantle+Normal Packing
Weight: About 100g Weight with packaging
Material: Does not contain radioactive material thorium nitrate
Features: Bright durable Anti-vibration